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    I just installed the new LG drive that offers Blu Ray and HD-DVD playback abilities for less than $275. Nice. I own AnyDVD HD, and a Media Player called Mediagate 350HD. It is essentially a box with a hard drive inside that you can hook up to your PC and TV. It is very cool and supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4, ISMA MPEG-4, MPEG4 and WMV9 over MPEG-2 transport, WMV9 streaming, and video .ts files.

    I have played High Def files on the Mediagate in video .ts form and it works like a charm. I was hoping I could simply rip my HD-DVD/Blu Ray movies to my hard drive and copy them to the Mediagate. Well, it looks like HD DVD's use an .evo format (yes I should have done my homework!!!), so I will need to re encode my .evo files to mpeg 2 video .ts.

    Can some kind person tell me how I could go about doing this? :bowdown:Obviously, if Clone HD comes out and offers those functions I'll purchase it. But what can I do now?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Viva Slysoft!
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    most people here uses anydvd hd to rip the hd dvds and bluray movies to hard drive and using cyberlinks powerdvd to watch the movies
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    What he is refering it is transcoding the HD file to one of those formats that his extender can play. That drive comes with a version of PowerDVD ultra so he has that.
    Vauxhall - do a search on transcode on this thread and you'll find some posts pointing back to doom9 threads on some ways to accomplish this though they are not foolproof and not point & click by any means.
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    Vauhall - I have a mediagate 350HD and just got a HD set - am thinking about the same thing.. if I can rip a HD disk to play on the mediagate..

    did you try making the ripped files into an ISO? maybe that will play?
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    I haven't, I assumed it won't work but you are right - it is worth a shot. I think technology wise, this drive is about six months ahead of the market. There will be one click re encoders eventually for the HD DVD movie formats but none seem to be available now, and frankly the current process is just cumbersome and time consuming. The whole reason I use the Mediagate 350 was to unify my DVD's on a hard drive in an easy way.

    I don't want to have to run every HD-DVD through (literally) five sets of programs just to perhaps get a finished product that is watchable. The other downside is that the boxes we have, and really the whole generation of boxes from all companies, do not support h.264. Mpeg 2 is just not very popular. I'm looking at saving up for the Tomacro limHD200i media player with 1080p MKV and H264 support as it looks like it would be an easier alternative.

    The frustrating part is that I can go on The Pirate Bay and there are HD DVD's in Mpeg 2 format, so I know it can be done. I'm just at a loss. Again, here's hoping someone either can help me through or the software catches up to the hardware, and we start getting the one step re encoders like we did for this last generation of DVD's. Once again, thanks Hollywood! You pay $25 for an HD DVD but it really isn't yours to do with as you please. I guess I should spend $150 on a movie to get a copy to play on the PSP, iPod, Mediagate, DVD, HD DVD??? Ridiculous...
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    Seeing as how Cyberlink was (supposedly) forced into removing the play from HDD option from their player by the AACS LA, I doubt very much that we will see a stand alone player that will read a HD Disc structure (either format) from an interneal HDD or over a LAN. I'm sure there are lots of people who would love such a device. The only problem is that when people start buying it and asking how they can rip their movies, the company that made the device would probably get in big trouble for refering people to Slysoft. Sad, but that's the way it is.

    Therefore, transcoding to a simpler format that a stand alone player can handle is probably the best way to go right now. The tools for this are slowly maturing, and once they do, more one click solutions will surely appear.
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