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    I have been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 for some time now, mostly compressing a backup onto 4.7GB discs and have had reliable playback. Recently I have been backing up with +DL (8.5GB) but have found long delays occuring at the layer break when played on my stand alone DVD player. Whether it is significant, I am uncertain, but if a title is 6GB or less in length it more evident than titles closer to 8GB.

    I have also experienced some freezing when played back, both on my PC drive and stand alone player. Not sure if the two are connected. Any help appreciated.
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    1. Update your burner's firmeware (see step 1)
    2. Ensure the booktype of the blank media is changed to "dvd-rom". (see step 3)
    3. Use Verbatim +R DL only (see step 2)

    If you're still experiencing issues after trying those 3 steps, try this instead (which is the method I use to backup my movie dvds):

    And if that fails, then maybe your standalone dvd player cannot handle good quality +R DL media.
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    Webslinger, thanks for the quick response.

    I can confirm your suggestions 1. & 2. as I have seen these from earlier threads and have done the checks. For 3. I am using RiDisc +DL (I know cost is not everything but have assumed them to be reliable as they are towards the top of the price list).

    My stand alone DVD player is circa 3 years old (Marantz), perhaps it does not have the capability. I guess I need to try another player.
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    No. They are pretty inferior to Verbatim +R DL frankly, which really is the only DL media worth using. When you use inferior quality DL media, burn errors increase
    (and in this case, right around the layer break position).
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    Webslinger, thank you again. Perhaps a little more advice.

    In order to assess the problem being related to the discs, I have been looking for Verbatim +R DL and have seen a number of variations.

    +R DL 8x, +R DL 2.4x, -R DL 4x; do you have a view on the merits of these alternatives? Additionally, I have seen 'double layer' discs as well as 'dual layer' within a suppliers listing. I have tried to search for an explanation but have not found out whether they are the same or fundamentally different.
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    1. When using 8.5 GB (dvd-9) discs, always use +R DL for dvd movie backups. The layer break position with -R DL media is fixed and cannot be changed. And I am of the opinion more do find -R DL causes hangs right around the layer break a lot more frequently than +R DL media (and I believe it's due to the layer break limitation with -R DL media when burning to them).

    Please read fully and then read fully (I use Clonecd with Verbatim +R DL media--and not Clonedvd2).

    2. Most Verbatim +R DLs that I've seen are advertised at 2.4x, but on the packaging, the advertising also reads "up to 8x speed with compatible high speed dvd+R dl drives". Consequently, I see no reason to buy ones that are specifically advertised at 8x. Ensure the Verbatim +R DL media you buy is made in Singapore (and not India). You can tell this by reading the outside of the packaging (should say "made in Singapore"). I haven't found any made in India yet, but some are supposed to be made in India in the future.

    -R DL = dual
    +R DL = double

    Most salesman and marketers don't know the proper terms and use "dual" and "double" interchangeably, mostly out of ignorance.
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    Thanks, once again. I have read the two threads you advise. I have seen your proposal for Clone CD previously but now have a question.

    Am I correct in thinking, when using CloneCD to backup a DVD and retain the original layer break position, this can only be done by recording the total content of the master disc. In conjunction, does this mean Clone CD will not give you the option to record only the main title?
  8. Webslinger

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    You are correct. Keep in mind I see no point in only retaining the main movie when using double layer media; in my opinion you are wasting space otherwise. You will get all the bonus features, and there's no loss of picture quality when using Clonecd. Moreover, Anydvd removes the prohibited playback restrictions (you can skip and fast forward through anything) and if you select "jump directly to title menu" or "jump directly to main movie" in Anydvd, the backup will do just that in anything you play it on (however, this feature in Anydvd doesn't work for all discs, but I find it does for most).

    The advantage in using Clonecd is that it will retain the original layer break position (as on the original disc), whereas Clonedvd2 will not.

    By the way, most burners will produce good burns with Verbatim +R DL media when burning at 4x (but some will also do good jobs at higher speeds. 4x is pretty safe though).

    Out of curiousity, I'm wondering if you try if your RiDisc +DL media will work. In theory, it still shouldn't perform any better. But I'm wondering . . .
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