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    Sorry if this is a repeat of a question asked over and over again. And I will openly admit that I'm pretty dense, but is there a curated list of known working drives anywhere? Last time I made a purchase, I went through three different drives before I found one that would work properly with AnyDVD.
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    If windows can see the drive, anydvd can work with it. Aka every drive that exists. Some brands can be better than others at certain things. In my case, LG has never let me down.

    No there's no list.
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    Except those Matshita/Panasonic drives that cannot be used with another region (DVD RCE firmware locked) than what's selected in device manager. And it has been that way for a long time and the only one I know of like that. And are usually OEM 's . Search the forum as there are multiple threads on that topic .
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