Judder free BD playback with Nero 8

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by dc1968, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. dc1968

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    Hi all....

    I see from the forum that many of you have experienced the dreaded play-back judder whilst trying to enjoy your blu-ray films! Well, until today I was amongst those of you who were about to either torch their copy of PowerDVD or maybe feed there media PC to the dustbin!

    One of the best gifts I received for Christmas was a copy of 'Bladerunner-The Final Cut' on BD disk. So you can imagine how annoyed i was when I came to try and run it on my VAIO media system...and the playback was terrible! I spent the next couple of days trying various 'tweaks' and things. I even tried squeezing a 7900GTX card into my pc for good measure......but couldn't manage smooth playback!

    Distraught I once again returned to the web and discovered several articles which were talking about the latest Nero 8 and how it would have the capability to play back BD via a blu-ray/HD plug-in.

    With nothing else to lose I tried it.........

    2008 is going to be my lucky year I swear......FANTASTIC!

    Absolutely no play-back judder at all......sound is excellent.....and AnyDVD HD is working a treat in conjunction with Nero Showtime. For the first time since I spent my hard-earned cash on a BD media pc I can now fully enjoy high definition movies.

    Thanks to all at Slysoft for all of their continuing efforts without which many of us wouldn't even be able to see the judder in the first place!
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  2. gwolfman

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    I am also noticing the playback jitter/judder slowness. Any fixes out there?
  3. dc1968

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    See my previous....my point is that all I did was try different software and now I have acheived smooth playback without having to change/update any hardware.