Japan BOD Bad Sectors.

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  1. SSS-tier

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    I followed the Bad sectors guide and no luck. I also don't buy the bad batch problem because this issue occurs on 4+ different Bluray discs all released months apart.

    To me it seems like some form of copy protection. Also, I understand playing and ripping are two different things but I really hate how there's no software that can get around this bad sector issue.

    Attaching logs.

    Edit: I should add, I can also rip retail Japan Bluray discs just fine. It's only an issue for the BOD/ DOD discs. Also is this file size discrepancy normal?


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  2. tectpro

    tectpro Translator (ms_MY)

    Can you try with latest AnyDVD


    Please post log file if it does not work.
    It shows that the disc has no AACS.
    But it could be indeed a defective sector protection as its a Blu-ray on Demand.

    Can you try creating an Image of the Disc with CloneCD? You can use the trial version.
    You should be able to see once defective sectors start. Kindly note that a full backup will take many hours.
  3. SSS-tier

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    Log from the latest AnyDVD.

    Trying CloneCD now and speed is 6kB/s so it will take weeks to complete.

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  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I agree. We will look into it, but it will take some time.
  5. SSS-tier

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    Thank you. Yea it definitely seems strange why the disc is inflated with all these extra sectors.
  6. VictoriaZ

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    I don't know why they author them in this manner, but Fanza BOD's don't have AACS on them, so you can rip the disc using software like ImgBurn. The way they are authored crashes AnyDVD when inserted so I make sure to close AnyDVD first. It could be an attempt at copy protection but it's not very effective.

    My procedure for ripping them and remuxing them is as follows:

    Rip to .iso with ImgBurn (I back this rip up to cloud storage)
    Use TSMuxer to remux the .iso image to a Blu-ray folder and use the split & cut function of TSMuxer to cut off the copyright warnings in front and the ads on end of video
    Use MakeMKV to convert the Blu-ray folder to .mkv
    Use a batch file to extract and convert the LPCM audios to FLAC using ffmpeg then re-mux the FLAC and video track back into an MKV using MKVtoolnix
  7. tectpro

    tectpro Translator (ms_MY)

    AACS cost licensing fees.
    On a BOD its cheaper to put "defective" sectors.
    It will make it very slow to copy them, that's why they are there.
    And yes, it is a copy protection scheme.
    As most people will give up copying if it takes to long.
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  8. SSS-tier

    SSS-tier Member

    I was able to rip the above BODs recently using just MakeMKV. I don't really need the .iso, so this method was fine.

    The tricky part was in MakeMKV there are a ton of duplicate playlists with various chapters once the disc is scanned (which also takes a long time compared to retail BDs).
    The only playlist that could be ripped was the one with the most chapters. All the other ones failed for some reason.

    I'm assuming all these duplicate playlists are created as a form of copy protection or the BOD manufacturers are simply mishandling the files. Not sure exactly, but I'm just glad I have MKV rips at the very least.
  9. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Correct, that is why you were seeing unusally large sizer of BDMV folder.
  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    It's called "playlist obfuscation" :)
  11. SSS-tier

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    Another reason for me to not archive the iso. Ideally, I want the iso rip without all those extra playlists, but this involves identifying the fake playlists and re-building the BDMV folder which I'm not sure AnyDVD or current available software can handle at the moment.
  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Unless AnyDVD finds a way to decrypt it no, because then playlist de-obfuscation is done DURING decryption of the disc.