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    Hey all--

    I have recently purchased an iPhone and added Clone DVD mobile to my toolbox so I can rip my DVD collection into iTunes (and thus the iPhone). (Licensed) Clone DVD mobile is running on an XP box (dual core Intel, SLI active, lots of RAM and HD space), along with (Licensed) AnyDVD.

    I have been attempting to rip Futurama into my machine using the "Apple AVC" setting in Clone DVD mobile, and, curiously, the MPEG-4's will play just fine on the iPhone, but when trying to play them back on the computer (either from iTunes or simply in the QT player) for about 40-50% of the files, there is either a white blank-screen window, complete with sound and the ability to freely access through the file with the scroll bar in iTunes or a corrupted window showing what lay under it when the window was created, still is ok with sound and movement within the file. On trying to encode again from the DVD, the same result occurs only with the same episodes. Many of the episodes (50-60%) are just fine in iTunes and 100% playback perfectly on the iPhone.

    There are no error messages associated with these files and the "bad public movie atom" error discussed on other messages on this forum does not seem to apply (itunes loads these files just fine and there seems to be no improvement or further difficulties with file tags). Several other TV series have been ripped and work with no difficulties (Sopranos, LOST, others).

    Any thoughts or ideas or HELP? Thanks.
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    I have the same problem but ín my case the failure rate is 100% - none of the chapters works. And this applies to any DVD.:mad: