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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by 05SXT, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. 05SXT

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    I have the following software from Slysoft:
    AnyDVD -
    CloneDVD2 -
    CloneDVDMobile -

    I am using a Plextor PX-716A burner and I normally use Fuji or Maxell disks.

    If I copy a DVD using AnyDVD and ConeDVD2 the copy process is fairly simple and quick, but I always seem to have at least one place when I watch the movie where the picture will freeze for a second or two, and then it starts again.

    I have also copied DVD's using AnyDVD and Shrink and do not get this problem.

    When I use AnyDVDMoble to copy movies to view on my IPod, the results are great every time.

    If anyone else has experienced this issue with Clone DVD2 or has an idea on what is causing it, I would like to know. I have had great results with all of the SlySoft products with this one annoying exception.

    Keep up the good work Slysoft
  2. Bookman

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    Same problem here

    I've had the same experience with the same burner (Plextor PX-716A with latest bios upgrades) and SlySoft software. The problem for me has come when burning to +R DL discs, and shows up on playback just about half way through the disk. Switched from Memorex to Verbatin +R DL discs, which seemed to make some diference, but the problem is still there. I'm now wondering if there could be a problem with this burner, which was one of the first +R DL burners. I'm also wondering if it could be somehow related to heat -- the +R DL discs that I burn myself seem to get hotter than the original distribution discs, and that makes me wonder if the problem of on playback (call it skipping or dropout or whatever) could be resulting from physical expansion of the media produced by the heat. It will be interesting to see if anybody else on the forum has similar experiences or ideas about what might be going on here.
  3. wvhillbilly

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    Had same problem here with Lite-on DL figured out must be a heat problem by taking disk out for a few seconds then going back to same place and it plays fine. Haven't had any problem in a year or so since I switched to disk made in Japan and not in Tawain.{The Dye on the disk is better and with- stands the heat won't break down} Taiyo Yuden is a good disk
  4. Michaelkv

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    Is it possible, since it is a DL disc, that it is related to the layer change?
  5. 05SXT

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    I guess I didn't indicate in my original post, but I am burning to single layer disks, not DL
  6. clearchannel

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    Experience has taught me that burning to DVD +R can be an issue when playing your backed up copy on a stand alone player. I have had the best results recording to DVD -R also using quality media. I have had 100% success using Taiyo Yuden disks.
  7. 05SXT

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    My experience (400+ back-ups) has taught me that I get 100% success with +R disks and AnyDVD + Shrink that are playable in any stand-alone player in my house (3).
    However, I have had some problems with using CloneDVD2 as stated in my first post.
    I have successfully used AnyDVD and CloneDVDMobile for some time now but have had the aforementioned issue with CloneDVD2. Since I have purchased the program, if there is a way to correct the problem I have encountered with it's use, I would like to hear about it.
  8. wvhillbilly

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    I agree using the better media will correct most freezing issues. The better media cost the same, just harder to find. I have been using Taiyo Yuden for 2 years with out any issues. {Don't think your writer really makes a difference on this issue, I have changed writers several times in the past 3 years.} I use Clone DVD 2 and AnyDVD
  9. walksh2o

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    dvd freezes

    I had this problem years ago until I started only buying dvd-r and only copying at 4x after that,no more freeze problem.

    there is one exception though. I have one dvd player in my home that is a tv dvd combo made by toshiba, this is the only player that I will experience freezes on so I think in some cases it may be a player issue.
  10. shep

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    Freezes & Hangups with Clone DVD

    Quality media is fundamental. There are many terrible brands masquerading as quality that are inferior or defective. I use only Verbatim or, now Sony. I originally thought that the problem was only with burning/copying dual layer.

    But there appears to be a flaw in CloneDVD2, and the hangup -- or freezes -- seemed to occur at the layer switch between layer 1 and layer 2.
    (AnyDVD MUST be used in all this; it is essential and without peer.)

    I started using (1)AnyDVD, and then (2)Nero Vision (always the latest version) to transcode, then burn the DVD, or AnyDVD and then Nero Express if I am burning direct from a DVD and need no transcoding or temporary file created.

    Then I discovered getting "blips" or delays even on single layer discs using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, so now I am forced to stop using CloneDVD2, and must use AnyDVD [ALWAYS!] and then using Nero Ultra 7's various programs to burn directly (using Nero Express), or, if transcoding is necessay, AnyDVD and Nero Vision. I hope this is helpful.
  11. galiziano

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    where i buy Taiyo Yuden dvd?

    where can buy the original japanese Taiyo Yuden dvds and what is the best dvd-r o dvd+
  12. sockeye

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    1 Get latest firmware for your burner.
    2 Use quality media. (Verbatim MIT is good, (especially 16X +R, which is MCC 004) and generally available locally. If not order good stuff.)
    3 Shut down unnesesary applications before burning. (you may be surprised at how many are running in the background, which are loaded at startup)
    4 Do not multitask during the burnig phase. (this, or apps running in background can interupt the flow of data to the burner)
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    where do you live would be the best question, UK or US ?

    uk -
    us -