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  1. When I make an ISO file with CloneDVD I have the setting on DVD-5 (I believe that's what its called). When I make an ISO of a movie that is 1 hour 30 minutes long...the iso file is less than 4 Gigs and when I burn the disc it has some "unburned" space. Should I be setting a custom setting and if so, what size should I put it at (if I have the ability to do it). I know when I use to use DVD Shrink I would have it make the file a certain size and that's what it would be (unless it was a short movie).

    Example: When I backed-up "The Number 23"'s was only 95 minutes and I had extra space it could of used when I burned it to a disc. Thus, I probably lost some quality in the compression.
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    How much compression was Clonedvd showing before you ripped?
  3. Good question. I don't recall what it's showed. I guess my question should be: Is this normal that I would have that much extra space?
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    Some movies are released on a DVD-5 (single layer) disc. So, making a DVD-5 ISO won't result in compression and the movie, itself, may not have used up all of the space on the original DVD. You can also actually make the movie take up less space by selectively removing previews, etc.

    Some movies that have been released on DVD DL (DVD-9) actually can end up to be an uncompressed DVD-5 backup because there was actually that much insane garbage added be it trailers, or whatever or stupid things. Remove the junk you don't want and the size can shrink considerably.

    Recently, I've found quite a few movies that are in the area of 3.5 GB uncompressed when I'm finished with them. They run about 1 hr, 30 minutes and are small releases. Throw in maybe 5 previews and no extras and that's all they are. I remove the previews and I get a 3.5 GB movie.

    There are many different factors involved be it you removing stuff you don't want, how many audio streams it has, does it also have extras and/or director commentaries, is it a mainstream release or a small independent release, etc. So, in short, it's very possible to end up with a ISO that leaves as much free space as you are discussing.
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