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Is there any interest in NATIVE x64 builds?


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Jan 31, 2007

I'd like to know, if there is any interest in native x64 builds of slysoft products?

I do all of my encoding on XP PRO x64, and while I understand, that most of the users out there use a 32bit operating system, the majority of the big encoders out there, who have shat several thousand movies onto the net in the last 7 years...almost all of us use a 64bit operating system.

I am sure, that with the birth of vista, many users will finally make the move to a full fledged 64bit operating system.

I've been able to replace almost ALL "scene" utils with 64bit versions...peerguardian, 7-zip, xvid, x264, virtualdub, putty (for ssh tunneling), etc.

Granted the only slysoft product I use is AnyDVD (yes, I actually paid for it, after pirating it for several years), and it works fine on my box, I'd really like to see a NATIVE x64 build.

At any time, there are usually 20-30 background tasks happening at once on my machine, and sometimes...only sometimes, AnyDVD (*edited for language/swearing*) sadly, although it's the LAST of my 32bit applications, it's one of the most IMPORTANT applications that I use.

Any word on a native x64 build?

Thumbs up for a wonderful product.
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