Is there a way to losslessly rip a section of a movie?

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  1. mpgxsvcd

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    Is there a way to losslessly rip a section of a movie?

    Over at the avsforum we used to losslessly rip some sections of our favorite DVD movies into a single DVD. Is there a way to do that with Blu-Ray or HD-DVD? Can you rip a section of an HD disc losslessly? Then more importantly can you combine it back into a single disc? Ideally I would like to burn it back to a standard dual layer DVD. Since these are just a few short clips it should all fit on one disc.

    Is this even possible?

    Here is the thread where we discussed these demo discs.
  2. mpgxsvcd

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    Also is there a way to extract the original files from an .iso image? I have a bunch of .iso images but I don't know how to extract the original movie files of them.
  3. hddvdsupporter

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    yes, it's easy if for blu-ray movies (without bd+)
    you need 2 freeware programs. tsremux and hdbdsplit(gui)
    with these programs you can split a movie to some dvd-r single layer or dvd+r double layer media. you can get ~45minutes of highdefintion video on a double layer media. the movie will be 100% playable on a Playstation 3 (make sure you have the newest firmware)

    you can mount an iso with daemon tools. you will see a new drive on your pc. i think you can extract an iso with winrar also..

    if you have questions please send me a PM...

  4. mpgxsvcd

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    What about HD-DVD? Can it be done with HD-DVD?
  5. hddvdsupporter

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    not so easy at the moment.. i hope they are still working on a new version of EvoDemux with HD-DVD Output. i dont won't to reencode the whole movie with nero..
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    I don't understand how that is possible? Aren't DVD's still red-laser and maxed out on bitrate at like 8mbps?? How can you get 40+mbps to play off of a red-lasered DVD?
  7. mpgxsvcd

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    Is there a way to re-code an HD-DVD into an AVC-HD format and still keep the 5.1 channel lossless audio?
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    About HD-DVD rips, Im learning a lot on this forum, but no one is talking about using Ulead MF6+ as an authoring tool back to HD-DVD format on dual layer DVDs.

    I think the Ulead application is great.

    I do use a NLE (Vegas Pro 8) to smart render the clips for an authorable segment.