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Is a DVD-ROM better than a DVD-RW? - what about a DVR-112D


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May 22, 2007
I presently use a a Samsung S182M and I also have an older Artec 16X DVD-ROM. Latest firmware on the Samsung, generic windows drivers on the ARtec.

Here is the rub, I'm able to get better reads out of the Artec than the Samsung.

Once in a while I get some read errors from the Artec but not that often.

I use the Artec as my reader then the Samsung as my burner.

This week I am trying to back up "Planet Earth" for my kids. I can get the Artec to read better than the Samsung. But still can't seem to get a burn made.

I am now thinking of just getting a Pionner DVR-112D and replace the Artec. But before I do that, I was wondering if there are some reviews on the 112d - it looks like the latest pionner but not reviewed yet.
If you can't get a good burn I would guess the DVDRW is more at fault than the DVD-ROM. Personally, I would shy away from Samsung DVDRW's.