Increasingly getting strange aspect ratios...

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Electron003, Apr 23, 2021.

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    AS the tile states, been getting more and more strange aspect ratios on AP.

    For example, one movies max size was 648x296 pixels, the only other one available was even smaller.

    Another was 640x360 pixels - all the others were smaller. This and the above aren't even SD and yet when I play them in a separate browser the quality appears better than these sizes suggest.

    Now on AP - BBoys4life has 960x400, which seems an very odd size. I did notice when starting the movie in another browser, there was a trailer first. Could this impact AS and what size offerings it is seeing?

    I have read the forum about others and the poor resolution of some of these sites in various country's around the world that are NOT the US. I realize I will probably get the same response, but it does make you wonder if AS is still missing something??

    Edit: One thing I did mean to mention that all three of these titles had 5.1 sound tracks (extremely unusual for such small aspect ratios) - especially when a lot of AP's titles (here at least) only offer stereo.
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    AS lists the resolutions it's being given by the provider and that's it's it doesn't modify them in any ways if you think something is wrong you need to provide a logfiles after you access the download settings for that title so the developers have something to work with.

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