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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by schlim66, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. schlim66

    schlim66 Active Member

    I have a few HD's already ripped with AnyDvd on my hard drive, when I try to convert them to an ISO they will not play in PDVD 7. Can someone tell me the settings required to properly convert them? Or am I better off using some other program (hopefully one thats free) for this purpose?

  2. MickJT

    MickJT Well-Known Member

    Try PowerDVD 3319a or 3104a.
  3. Datus

    Datus Well-Known Member

    might be a silly question but what you using to load the iso image?
  4. schlim66

    schlim66 Active Member

    Daemon Tools Lite 4.11

  5. Datus

    Datus Well-Known Member

    Hmm strange. When you load the image into demon it should auto play pdvd.
    if it doesnt when you select open from pdvd you should see the name of the hddvd in a drive letter.
    do u use image burn to create your iso's.

    i have never had any iso problems using imagebun + demon tools + pdvd.
    whether i convert from HD or HDDVD. 17 HDDVD's to date

    you must select udf only when creating HD iso's.
    other than that look at the FAQ's on imageburn.

    let me know how u get on.
  6. schlim66

    schlim66 Active Member

    I am building from HD files on my hard drive that I rippped with AnyDvd HD. I am able to load the image but when it plays, it looks stretched and mostly a green hue(I don't know the tech terms for this). This doesn't happen with all the ones I tried, just the ones that are imports. All the ISO's I make direct from the disk work great.

  7. Datus

    Datus Well-Known Member

    so is this the original problem or have we moved on from your original post?

    I dont think ive had any green tinges and ive done uk and usa disks.
  8. schlim66

    schlim66 Active Member

    This is the original problem. When I first posted this on another thread, Equilibrium was the only one I had tried. Since then, I have tried other files and they work fine. I still can't get the Equilibrium Japanese import(files on hard drive) to work.

  9. Datus

    Datus Well-Known Member

    I sugest you repost a new thread as your original post has nothing to do with your problem.

    Good luck.
  10. gobuchul74

    gobuchul74 Member

    I just did this with several HD-DVDs that I had previously ripped to my hard drive. To create an ISO from the ripped files I used Nero 8.

    I hadn't used it much so I ran into a couple problems.

    First, I had to go into the preferences and enable creating DVD's in all formats (This opened up HD-DVD as an available option)

    Next, when creating the HD-DVD, ensure you manually set the UDF settings to UDF 2.5

    Place the ripped files into your new HD-DVD.

    Lastly, burn the disc to the Image Recorder. Use whatever file name you want, but change the extension to ISO instead of the default NRG (Nero ISO file)

    Now you have an HD-DVD ISO that PowerDVD can play.
  11. schlim66

    schlim66 Active Member

    Thanks, I will try to get a copy of Nero 8 somewhere and try it.