I want to Learn it right



I am going to ask Questins any time i see something i need to know. Or ill be going at this the wrong way and i won't to learn. Here is what i am doing is there any other way i should do it.:)

1. I go to AnyDVd and rip it to my computer this i know about.

In CloneDVd I ues

2.I then use CloneDVD to burn in this is what i won't to learn more about.
And the easys way to do it.
1.I use the 1st one “Copy DVD Titles”: And fellow what it tells me to do.

2. Or i use 2nd one “Clone DVD”: and fellow what it tells me to do.

I am learning to do the other things in CloneDVD to get it the way i won't it.

And my movies are comeing out Great. I am just trying to learn better ways and faster ways but am in no hurry to get a move done to fast.I am trying to get better so i have to read and ask Questions if i am going to get any better at this.

Webslinger gave me this link
and i would like to know if i can use it with AnyDVD and cloneDVD together.

Fellows i am new and like you all was at frist but a i am a lot more Dumber.Thanks Fivestones:doh:
Hi Webslinger, i knowed you or DetroitBaseball would be here.I have took all my DVDs back and now all i have is (( Verbatim )) and have all my firmware up to date.
I went to http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ But the link dont work so il go to
and get it. i dont know where to find some if this stuff the threads ask me about but as i run up on what to get ill ask how to do it. and mybe ill learn to work this computer by learning DVD LOL.Thanks 5Stones
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