I think HDCP has revoked a key

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    I installed a fresh copy of Vista Ultimate w/ E6600, DVI/HDMI EVGA 8800GTS and Olevia 37" and the video did show up w/ bios boot up during installation. Was running with no issuesfor a couple of weeks, installed anydvd hd and ripped a couple of movies to HD and approximately a week later my HDMI stopped working. I get no signal!! I hot plugged the dvi portion into my Cable box to make sure the TV and DVI/HDMI cable is good and there was no issue. If I use the DVI/VGA to the TV it works no problem but if I use the DVI/HDMI I can't even see the PC boot up anymore. This leads me to suspect INTEL and Microsoft DRM has been comprimised and has disabled the HDMI on the hardware layer. If this is the case the HDCP key for the video card has been revoked or MB either way I have not found anyway to fix this...and I'm pissed!

    Any Idea's on what is going on? How to fix it? VGA sucks...I want my HDMI back!

    Thank you to all that help and others beware!

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    As far as I know, HDCP and “keys” as you put it simply don’t work that way.

    The video card drivers will have some functions that can expire or be revoked but basic 2D and 3D functionality should be unaffected by this. This should only effect HD DVD / BD functionality nothing more.

    What you described seems more like a hardware problem.

    I don’t know what you mean by “hot plugged” but I turn off my Viewsonic 32 HDTV before I start plugging and unplugging things. Its just prudent, these things aren’t cheap.
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    A VGA connection is perfectly good for analog monitors, and easily capable of HD resolutions.
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    As I started investigating one would get the impression that it only downgrades your playback, but as I dugg further I found articles explaining that it goes down to the bios layer disabling compremised devices deemed by micrsoft before any drivers are loaded.

    I will post some links to these articles tonight supporting this information.

    As for the vga - once you do HDMI you never go back! On VGA even at a higher resolution than the HDMI setup the lettering is harder to read and just not crisp like HDMI. I was using VGA for about 6 months and finally got around to putting in a HDMI cable which was night and day in difference.

    I am truly hoping that it is something else that is giving me the issue, but I have found nothing out there in any forum. As we are treading new ground we can not rule out anything!

    And ohhh Thanks for the replies this issue is making me loose my hair....20 yrs of troubleshooting and this has to be the most puzzling issue yet.
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    OK, why not, but with all due respect nor should we jump to any conclusions.

    I do however know what you mean with respect to VGA vs. HDMI connections.
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    So long as AnyDVD HD will remove the need for HDCP-compliant hardware, I think I'll stick to using my 22" Viewsonic CRT monitor as my computer's primary display... it gives me a far better picture than any current LCD, not to mention higher resolution options than any LCD I'm aware of.
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    "So long as AnyDVD HD will remove the need for HDCP-compliant hardware, I think I'll stick to using my 22" Viewsonic CRT monitor as my computer's primary display... it gives me a far better picture than any current LCD, not to mention higher resolution options than any LCD I'm aware of."

    I wish I had that option! Tonight I am going to plug my PC to a different TV using HDMI, I'm sure it will still not work and it is a pain in the arse to unplug it. If that doesn't work then I will return the video card next week before the return period is up.

    If it is just a bad card that only the HDMI/DVI from the DVI (same port the VGA is plugged in to) port has stopped (Mysteriously) working then swapping it out will take care of it. If the HDCP key was revoked it will take care of that as well and manufacturers will have to deal with extremely high volumes of returns in the near future, we will see.....regardless my spare box will be built on XP and that is where Anydvd-hd will reside. :p Microsoft
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    I didn’t read all of it because it’s a lot to cover, a tedious read in some cases and I have read a number of such articles. You can also listen to audio shows covering such subjects here with commentary by people of some notoriety in the PC community:

    Digital Rights Management (DRM)

    Now then in your first link were you referring to “Denial-of-Service via Driver Revocation”?

    Generally speaking, if the driver were revoked or expired an image should still be present during boot. There was some mention of degraded or limited video quality or resolution. In short it should still work but may not be fully functional. A driver upgrade may correct this.

    Now as far as hardware revocation based on a compromised component such as a decrypted chip,….This would be a big thing, there would be no need for guessing. It would likely be highly publicized so again no guessing would be need because you would know! Also note that along those lines, AFAIK, no such hardware revocation has ever taken place so again when / if it does it would be very big news.

    I think it far more likely that you have a hardware related problem either stemming from your HDTV digital connection or your video card. Therefore, I would start evaluating the video card on another system and / or the HDTV on anther video card, but that’s just me.

    Good luck!