I gotta hand it to Youse Guys...

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    I hand it to you for even daring to tread the HD waters at this early stage when there's an entire "Den of Vipers" opening can after can of worms to thwart you. To review:

    OS: Vista........ with HDCP compliance designed right into the OS. Still very new and thusfar unpredictable.

    Player: PowerDVD Ultra, who's clearly capitulating to the other side.

    DVD manipulating tools: virtually non-existant, save AnyDVD-HD.

    Hard Drive capacity, network speeds, and video-subsystems, borderline to be able to handle the sheer volume of bits to be manipualted.

    Format: Locked in a war... with Sony (the real Evil Empire) on one side and a den of snakes on the other.

    Blank Media, Expensive and without decent burners and tools to use it. One coaster and you might as well buy a 2nd retail copy of the movie to save money on your backup. But even the "old" technology of duel-layer burning is only really safe with Verbatim brand disks. That puts any type of HD-DVD burning in the stone age yet.


    I compare this to the state of SD-DVD when I first engaged the HTPC about 5 years ago....

    OS: Windows XP... Totally over it's growing pains and with advent of SP1 rock stable.

    Players: Abounded... be it PowerDVD-XP (4.0), Theater-Tek, Nero Showtime, or even the silly little Interactual Player that came free on DVD's.. the right players were there.

    DVD tools: DVDShrink was still in it's heyday... and AnyDVD picked up where the protection-busting of Shrink left off. (total controll of content)

    Hardware: Well past the decoding and frame-rate issues for SD-DVD... more than enough space and processing power.

    Format: Locked in, stable, and overall immutable... exept for a few Sony abominations here and there... that AnyDVD quickly dealt with.

    Blank Media: Relatively cheap and plentiful. Nero was king and easy to use.


    So yes... you guys are the pioneers... the Brave, the Few, and the Strong that will pave the way for the rest of us to enjoy HD-DVD in the future.

    Once a truely good player comes out for HD-DVD, and the HD equel to Shink is born, etc etc........ then I'll join the fray. For now.... I'm letting better men than I sort this all out. :D

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