I can't get 2 burners to hook up

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by creeper6996, Feb 15, 2008.

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    When I first bought my Gateway, it had a CD Rom and a CD/DVD Burner. Burner died, replaced it. Burner died again and I got a Plextor 760. That one just died, so now I have a Pioneer 115. All these burners have pooped out over the course of 4 years, so no big deal, it's to be expected. Everytime I got a new burner, I would replace the dying one. I think my Plextor has some life left in it, so I left it in there and added the new Pioneer below it where the useless CD Rom has been all these years. I left the Plex as master and put the Pioneer as slave. After rebooting, my puter didn't recognize either drive at all. I opened the side, unhooked the Pioneer (slave) and then it found my Plextor.

    So, after reading all this rambling, my questions is "Does your mother board have to support two burners?" I thought since the CD Rom was already there, I could just sub it for a burner.

    Who knows?

    Thanks a LOT,
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    No. But the jumper on the back of the Pioneer drive should be set to slave, and the jumper on the back of the Plextor drive should be set to master.
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    Dangit, I knew I forgot something. I'll try it out in a few. Thanks Webslinger.
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    Also you might want to check to ensure you're plugging the drives into the right places on the cable.
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    One IDE chanel will support 2 devices on all MOBO's.
    One drive needs to be set to Primary (Master) and the other drive needs to be set to Secondary(Slave).
    Blue end of IDE cable to MOBO..Black end IDE of cable to Primary device..Gray end of IDE Cable to Secondary device.
    Or, you can set both drives to CS (Cable Select) and the device connected to Black connector will be Primary and the device connected to the Gray connector will be Secondary.
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    That was it, they were both set to primary or master. It's hard to believe that one little plastic cap on two little pins makes the difference between the drives working or not.

    My poor Plextor 760 is slowly dying. It still works about 60% of the time. But, now, I have 2 to choose from, YEAH!!!!

    Thanks gentlemen, you're help is very much appreciated.
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    Thanks. I had 1.04 and the latest was 1.07. It wasn't wanting to read some of the originals that it used to read. It's almost like it's more sensitive now. D/Ling new firmware now.