I am not sure what I need to do to watch my files

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    I made the assumption this AnyDVD-HD was going to work just like AnyDvd and CloneDVD. I figured I'd load the dvd and ANyDVD would crack it and Clonedvd would give options to remove un needed audio tracks and take the movie itself. I guess it does not do that. My fault I should of posted first.

    So I went with the option available from the icon and copied the disc to my hard drive. When I went to play it with powerdvd (Rescue Dawn) all I got was french.

    so I figured it was time to check the forums. There I found a year old sticky that reminded me of the early days of ripping with dvd decrypter and using a dozen other tools to merge files, get the right audio and synch audio with video.

    Then I found a thread that looks like I just need to create an Iso image, then another that looks like I just need to run some TSdemux program.

    Basically I'd like to see a new sticky with what is the current process of ripping the file to the hard drive and then playing it. The way the slysoft guys would do it when testing their builds at the shop.

    Another thread I saw mention nero showtime. Will that play my folder and select the english audio by default or whatever my system has set as its default language?

    Any chance we will see a CloneBluRay in the future?

    I own everything but Game Jackal and think the software is great. I just need an updated sticky for dummies.

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    So this is what I am getting from searching the various forums.

    Run ANYDVD and use clonecd to create an ISO. Then load the ISO with daemon tools. I'd use VCD but I am on 64bit.

    And this loaded image should work fine with cyberlink's Powerdvd?

    I am using the latest beta of AnyHDDVD.

    Then if the rip doesn't work I should disable anydvd before I burn the ISO because once it pulls down the key the disc is ready to be copied.
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    Not quite, but, very close. If your intent is to burn the ISO, I recommend ripping initially with AnyDVD enabled so the protection is removed from the ISO. Then you can simply burn it. My ripping method is useful if your goal is simply to mount the image and play it back. In that situation, AnyDVD needs to be enabled when the image is mounted.