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    Aparently I'm daft but I have an LG external BD player/burner and have just purchased ANYDVD HD v and I cant quite figure how to use it.

    I have found the following instructions on several posts at this site:
    "Use the "Rip video to harddisk" option to rip to a folder on your hard drive if your player supports that,..."

    and I have not seen any such option. I load a BD disk and ANYDVD HD recognizes it but thats about it. ANYDVD HD scans it and indicates it will be available shortly and then...nothing. I open ANYDVD HD and in the left pane there is a configuration tree where Ican set preferences but nowhere is there a "rip to harddisk" prompt or button, or anything.

    I have an LG BE12 external BD player/burner and it's only a couple of months old so I dont know where I'm going wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. mmdavis

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    Right-click on the red fox icon in the system tray (by the clock).
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    You can also go to: Start/All Programs/Slysoft/AnyDVD and the AnyDVD Ripper and AnyDVD Image Ripper should be listed. If you use it frequently, you can "Pin to Start Menu".

    Edit: And remember, there is only one dumb question....the one never asked.
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    I just ripped a BD but have no idea what files were produced and what to do with them. I want to use Handbrake or Ripbot264 to shrink and convert to MKV but dont know how to start.

    Is there a guide someone can point me to?
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    This is a forum for the software right?
    Is this thing on?
  7. James

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    You don't need to rip. Just use whatever tool you like on the original disc.
  8. robert r

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    AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD - help guide

    There is a guide. However for some reason it is not accessible from inside the AnyDVD program. Only the ? icon is accessible from within the program box for line item explanations.

    The HELP guide is found from the program menu SlySoft, then AnyDVD, and you will see the Help guide.

    In addition, for DVD [not BD help] look on the SlySoft Home page [English] check out the TUTORIALS [new videos] on using AnyDVD with CloneDVD & CloneDVD mobile.