How to record and edit movies?

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  1. Would this forum be able to walk me through the "how to" of editing and recording DVD's? What I want to do is make PG-13 movies PG so my 9 year old can watch them. So I need to be able to delete scenes from the orignal movie and then burn an edited copy of the movie to a DVD. My computer has XP, 2gigs of ram, a 3.2 dual core Pentium chip, a DVD player, and DVD burner to do it. So using Slyfox product’s what is the process to accomplish this? Thank you for your help.
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    None exists. Clonedvd will delete chapters only.
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    Although there are software packages out there that provide functionality to perform pretty sophisticated frame by frame video editing, they are pricey, the process is very laborious, and you would grow old going frame by frame plus audio trying to figure out what to delete/modify to make a film more suitable for young person viewing. And when you get done - the movie could be so butchered up that no one would want to watch it (which is usually how I feel when I see an R rated film broadcast on a network tv station, complete with mouths doing one thing while a voice says something else in a different voice than the actor - and scenes that suddenly get chopped of - jumping to a next scene which is totally out of context).
    You may be better served by judicious selection of viewing materials for your youngsters, rather than trying to modify a movie intended for an older age group.