how to copy without trailers

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by dingaling406, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. dingaling406

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    im new to backing up movies and dont want the trailers how can i back up without them:confused:
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    Easy enough. I use DVDDecrypter and AnyDVD in tandem. In theory, it does add another step, but it is pretty much foolproof? Saves a lot of possible errors and omissions. You will need to alter some settings in DVDD, but it's straight forward enough. If you wish, I'll post the details here?
  3. dingaling406

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    backing up without trailers

    i use anydvd and clone:confused:
  4. suz19

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    Yes also new

    If anyone knows how to use Clone without the trailers, I would also like to know. I usually use Any DVD with DVD Shrink, but some times that won't work, so am trying CloneDVD. I haven't figured out how to remove the trailers. Help!

  5. chalky607

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    I already said. Rip the files using AnyDvd and DvdD simultaneously. You cannot go wrong. You can choose 'all' for episodic discs, or Main Movie+IFOs, either way, you always get the rid of the FBI crap and trailers.

    I was gutted when DvdD was taken down, and although you can still get hold of it8) and it is way out of date now, it is still great at it's job providing you use AnyDvd as well!
  6. dingaling406

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    copying witout trailers

    :confused: can it be done with just anydvd & clone2
  7. only1junior

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    Yea, how can this be done with CloneDVD...???
  8. only1junior

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    Can you post them here or send me a PM, on how to do that...?


  9. Michaelkv

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    I've had no problems omitting the trailers. I choose the first option in CloneDVD2, the one that says copy DVD titles. Then in the next screen, you just uncheck anything that does not look like the main movie, i.e. anything that's length is only a few minutes long. You can also choose the preview tab to see what each of the line items is before deciding whether to include it. Unless somehow they are including trailers in the same title as the main movie, just uncheck them. Hope that helps.
  10. uhall

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    Michaelkv is right choose the first option in clone. All you need is clonedvd and anydvd.
  11. koleos

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    Open Any Dvd Right Click Go To Settings Scroll Down To Video Dvd Tick Remove Annoying Adverts And Trailers.see How You Get On
  12. James

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    In CloneDVD2, click "Copy DVD Titles" (first button). Select source. Main movie will be selected automatically. Select "Pereserve menus" if you like. Click a couple of times "next" and you're done. :D
  13. dingaling406

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    copying without trailers

    thanks i will try this :D
  14. dingaling406

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    slysoft fourm

    many thanks to slysoft for forum so people like myself can learn little things like this:D
  15. L@TIN

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    I do this i use anydvd i put a check mark on remove annoying advents and trailer and jump directly to title menu and clonedvd2 i use clone dvd ,clone a dvd including all titles and menus......:doh:
  16. Kringles

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    To use DVDD with AnyDVD follow these directions (from Olli who was invoved in creating CloneDVD2);

    1.) Use ElbyCDIO as the I/O model. (Tools, Settings. I/O)
    2.) Disable the structural protection removal in DVDDecrypter. (uncheck the 'check for structural protection' in General, IFO read and ISO read)
    3.) I also select None in Tools, Setting, CSS (don't think is necessary but I do it)

  17. mustang

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    Movies without trailers

    I would image Clone DVD will do this, as most DVD specific burning software have such features. I use 1Click DVD Copy Pro, which gives several options as to what to copy along with the movie; however, I usually set it to copy just the movie because little or no compression of the video is necessary to produce an excellent backup. There is a little check box to mark in the program so it will copy ONLY the movie - very easy to do. 1Click DVD Copy Pro will also backup episode DVDs, which some other DVD burning programs have problems doing.

    After reading the info about Clone DVD, it appears to be an excellent program for backing up DVD content as well! :)
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  18. James

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    It sure does! :D