How to convert to Xvid ?

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    Hi All,

    I wish to buy me a car DVD Player that does not read Divx but only

    So I had a look to see how to convert a Film to Xvid but does not see how it can be done and also in the Online Documentation I found nothing.

    Can someone help me please and tell me how to do and I would also know what are the best setting to get a good quality or is any of the formats mentioned above more usefull to convert to.

    The only objective I search is to convert some Films so that they can be saved together on one DVD and be read in the car.

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    using generic divx profile:
    if it's just for the car,and you want a reasonable quality,choose the largest or second largest resolution size (depending on the size of the screen),then adjust the quality slider to get a output file size of about 1GB.
    this'll give you 4 movies per 4.7GB (dvd5) disc.
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    Thank you very much for the information.

    The size of the screen = 7" / 17.8 cm