How do you store your DVD-Rs

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Blanks' started by sneakers, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. sneakers

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    Mine go right back in the spindle cases they came out of. It's just easier and doesn't cost anything. How about you?
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    Yeah, but once you get over 1000 back-ups, if you buy the larger cases and print covers, you're talking lots of space and money.
  5. Crusher

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    It's actually not bad. I don't mind spending 20 cents for each case. And yes, it can take up space, but i just buy very large bookshelves and fill them up. :)
  6. jjanoch

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    I am over 1000's and use the Vaultz hardsided storage cases. They easily stack and I have marked each one so I can know them apart when looking for a specific disc.

    I know there are cheaper products, but I like the look and functionality. Suits my needs/tastes great.
  7. deaacs

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    I print onto the disc and use paper sleeves.
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    I'm with sneakers...all my dvds stay in the OEM case.
  10. Crusher

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    My Pleasure; I appreciate the offer. :agree:
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    We've just always kept CDs, CD-Roms, and DVDs in binder things, like these. Is that bad?
  13. Wotan

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    thats what i use as well...just make sure you store them standing up, so the weight of the discs wont scratch the dvds
  14. rrose1968

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    I keep mine in the same thing but it holds 540 discs. Got it for $15 at
  15. rn73

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    Slim Jewel Cases

    I like slim Jewel Cases. Buy by 200 count at a time. Take up less space than OEM DVD cases. Get the cheapest and if break are easily replaceable. Have them all numbered and with titles on spine. Narrow spine but adapted using mailing labels and get several spine labels off one mailing label. Of course have to use x-acto knife to trim excess.

    Make furniture as a hobby and built a nice CD/DVD unit to store CDs and DVDs in. Doors fold out with additional storage. I estimate capacity for over 3.000 CD/DVD slim jewel cases. Pleased with the result!

    I have used paper sleeves and even 3 ring binders with plastic sleeves that would take 8 CDs/DVDs per insert. Problem was the CDs and DVDs I used the most became scratched or damaged after continued taking out and putting back. Remember burned DVDs not as durable as the commercial pressed CDs/DVDs.

    My 2 cents (US) anyway.
  16. bobodude

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    I put mine in cd jewel cases and get the art work from DVD profiler. I store about 1000 movies in a 4 ft by 6ft high wall rack system by Atlantic.