How do you identify TV series episodes?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RobertoMiles, Nov 2, 2020.

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    I'm ripping NYPD Blue and while I have the episode names on a particular DVD I don't know how to match each to an episode. i.e 4 files on a DVD, which one is ep 1, ep2, etc. They are not always in order and It's not easy to skim the movie to figure out the plot and match it to the episode description. Do you guys have any tricks of the trade? Maybe something to look for in the credits?
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    Most episode's of any show mention the episode title some time in the beginning of any episode. It should then be pretty easy to match with the titles listed on the box or a site such as

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    Ugh, I hate it when they don't title the episodes on the menu. They should at least be listed in order on the menu. If there is a "play all" option, that should show them in order.

    Or, is your problem matching the episodes to the DVD title numbers (e.g., for transcoding or extracting)? If that's the case, just play the DVD in VLC. Play each episode, and see what DVD title it's playing (via the Playback menu, Title sub-menu).