How do you delete temporary files created by DVDShrink?

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  1. I use CloneDVD sometimes, and it's great, but I find that DVDShrink is faster so I use that the majority of the time. A while back there were a lot of people really down on DVDShrink and I don't know if it's still that way or not, but don't flame me for using it. It works for what I need it to work for, and I use it for a lot of older stuff and CloneDVD for newer stuff.

    Anyways, I put in a DVD a couple of days ago that I had already copied over to my hard drive but forgot that I did it. DVDShrink didn't forget though! It didn't analyze it because in its mind it already had. I know that this information must be taking up room on my hard drive, but I do not know how to delete that information. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program might work, but I'd rather try to fix the problem the right way, if there is one.

    Even if you don't use the program, you might know how to delete the files. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    The temp files are located at (for Vista and above):

    C:\ProgramData\DVD Shrink

    You may need to set your folder options to let you view hidden files, folders and drives. You will get License Agreement pop up the next time you run DVD Shrink if you delete all the data files.

    The stored data files really are not that big, I have over a thousand DVD Shrink data files in ProgramData and the combined file sizes are about 20MB.
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    ...and in case you have XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DVD Shrink

    Maybe a little bit overkill, but CCleaner can remove DVD Shrink analysis data as well.
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    I really don't see why deleting the analysis results are so important; the files are not all that large, the DVDs processed are not plain-text identifiable in the analysis files IIRC, removing the data files causes DVD Shrink to pop up the License Agreement dialog before I can use the program, if I remove the data files and want to process a DVD again, it has to spend time reanalyzing.

    I do like a HD to be as uncluttered by temp/data files as possible, but sometimes it is best to not get obsessive about it. All too easy to muck things up deleting/modifying the wrong file(s).
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  6. Thank you all. I'm not going to worry about it for now if the file isn't that big, but I'll save the information for future reference just in case.

    I'm just looking to clear up some space on my computer. I can't figure out what's taking up so much space. I have a 500 GB drive and only 105 GB of that is ISO files. Oh well. Not asking for advice on this issue. I'll figure it out with a little time and effort.

    Thanks again.
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    Try disc clean up in Xp and then select more options to remove all but the most recent restore point you will find that it can clean up lots of room on your hard drive if you have been using it for a year or so.;)