How Convert .mp4 to Smaller .mp4?

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    Hello everyone,
    I have most of the SlySoft products. I believe that I used CloneDVD to create a .mp4 for a training video, but it is about 4GB. How can I use CloneDVDMobile or CloneDVD to simply shrink that file as I don't have them as video and audio folders? Thank you very much!
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    CloneDVD2 cannot create mp4 files, that software only outputs valid DVD structures. CloneDVD Mobile CAN output to mp4 but it requires the original DVD files to create a new mp4 file, and the only way to lower the file size is to lower the video quality. CloneDVD Mobile CANNOT convert an mp4 file into a smaller mp4 file, it also requires a valid DVD structure as a source.

    to do what you want (convert mp4 to smaller mp4), you need a video converter and slysoft does not have such a product. Keep in mind though, that (as i said) the only way to decrease that 4GB filesize is to lower the video quality, so if you find a suitable software it definitely won't make the video look good/better.
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    Hi, a video converter is what you need, the Dumpmedia Video converter can support many formats, including mp4 file. it can convert .mp4 to smaller .mp4, you can try it.
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    Since this thread is more than FOUR years old, I doubt the OP is really looking for a reply.
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