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Feb 2, 2007
i can burn a dvd-r, and it plays fine on the computer,,but i have 3 home dvd players and the movies skip or will not even play, i have a dell xps 400 and it's only 7 months old ,could some one please help me out?????
More info

Really need more info to target what's going on. If using +R media could be a booktyping issue. Otherwise if using -R could still be a media issue. Be aware that all media is not created equal. The cheap ones that were a bargain at the time they were bought just become expensive coasters. I like Taiyo Yuden -R and buy exclusively on line at various sites depending on cost.

I'm not the most tech knowledgeable but I'm sure if you post what process you follow with the type of media etc. Someone may be able to answer your question.

Also Header your thread to a specific need to attract those who may have an answer. Just don't start multiple threads along same line (read the forum rules).

Everyone started from scrtach at one time or another and have picked up experience along the way. That's why forums are great in that answers are readily available. Sometimes many different ways of attacking a problem so be prepared to get different opinions. Just pick from them and find what works best for you.

Best of luck.