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Help With Windows Media Player 11


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Jan 30, 2007
I Have Movies In Avi Format When I Drag The Avi File To The Sync Device Section With My Creative Zen Plugged In Of Course Does It Automatically Convert To Files That Is Unerstood By Windows Media 11 Trying To Put The Movies On The Player

Thanks For Any Answers
Trying To Put The Movies On The Player
Thanks For Any Answers

Your ZEN has trouble reading movies copied directly from your computer, is that it ?

I have checked out Creative's ZEN webpage. ZEN Vision:M for instance supports video based on 500Kbps MPEG4-SP formats only. You need a program thats converts your movie. Perhaps Clone DVD Mobile will be of help. You might check out that program for 21 days.

I have a Zen Vision and CloneDVD Mobile works without problem. You even get to set the level of compression and the resolution. If it's just to be viewed on the device, you can compress fairly aggressively. If you want to show the movies on a TV, compress less.

I have not found Windows Media Player to be a good way to transfer anything but MP3's to the Zen. Either just drag and drop the avi file that CloneDVD Mobile generates or use Creative's Media Explorer and just transfer ... don't convert. BTW, I deleted the other Creative programs long ago. They were too cumbersome and quirky.
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