HDCP, BD+ & AACS - Am I stuck with PDVD v7.3.3319a for now?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by jmone, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Setup: I play my legit disks from a LG combo drive. My Intel G33 based HTPC pushes Video/Audio over HDMI via a Yami V2700 receiver to a Pio Kuro and while they are all HDCP complient, PowerDVD complains there is no HDCP. Reading the threads over at DTV this is not an uncommon complaint where HDCP is seen to be non existant when the HTPC is plugged into an AV Receiver first.

    Workaround: I've had to purchas AnyDVD HD just to enable me to play my HD-DVD & Blu-ray disks thanks to some crap HDCP bug in the chain. I've then had to downgrade to PDVD v7.3.3319a as we got out first BD+ disk (Simpsons) and the later versions of PDVD will not play AACS free BD+.

    Problems: The two problems I see is that some of the newer disks don't play well (or at all) in older versions of PDVD, and secondly I'm sure at some point v3319a will be revoked leaving me stuffed trying to play back BD+ on my system.

    Options???: The only options I "think" I've got is:
    1) BD+ Crack: I'll just wait
    2) HDCP Bug Fix: I'm chasing this up with everyone I can think of
    3) Other SW Player: Don't seem to offer any better BD+ Soln anyway
    4) HDCP Spoof: Is it possible to config AnyDVD HD (or another way) so that PowerDVD sees a compliant HDCP chain?

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    I appreciate you feel like many people on this forum. You have cobbled a solution together that works, for now at least, and you are worried about future discs and whether you will be able to play them.

    With regard to your options:
    1) All the output of this forum, including slysoft's unofficial posts, indicates that this is top priority and will happen soon. How soon, nobody knows.

    2) I'm not sure what your GPU is, but presumably ATI and NVidia have now come across the HDCP pass-thru issue required for AV receivers and should soon sort it. Do you think the issue is with your GPU or your receiver?

    3) You have the choice of Nero *+BD/HD plugin, or Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre. I have only managed to get Arcsoft to play BD+ disks, not sure about Nero8

    4) Good new feature idea for AnyDVD HD. Allow HDCP only option, no AACS crack. Then you can use the latest cyberlink versions if you are not bothered about Hard drive playback.

    As for 3319a being revoked, and will this affect us in the future?
    I'm not so sure it will... Even if the AACS key for 3319a was revoked, AnyDVD will remove the AACS and serve the disc up with just BD+ left on it.

    If 3319a was revoked on newer disks, it would just mean you could not play them on 3319a without AnyDVD. Since you've got it now, you will be covered.

    A possibility that worries me more is that new flavours of BD+ will come out on new discs, which will not work with 3319a at all.

    Mind you, if slysoft deliver a good implementation of BD+ soon, that should mean that theoretically you can go right back to the base release of Powerdvd 7.3, as AnyDVD will be doing all the hard work for you and just serving up a completely unencrypted disk which these earlier versions will play.

    Another bother about sticking with 3319a is the lack of BD1.1.

    Those of us who are HD-DVD veterans will know that the picture in picture feature is not a showstopper for most people.

    I'm not sure if Cyberlink are using a new player key in every minor release, or not. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?