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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by vyee, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. vyee

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    I am purchasing a new 1080dpi plasma TV and people are telling me that I should purchase a new DVD player with HD conversion so I can connect the DVD to the new TV through a HDMI cable. My question is that they don't know that almost all the DVD's that I watch are burned onto a DVD-R from Slysoft Clone DVD. I'm not sure if these DVD's are in 1080 high definition and if they are not, what is the use of getting a new DVD player and an expensive HDMI cable. Can anyone offer suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Charlie

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    I know that the original DVD will upconvert to 1080i not sure on the backup. So a difference is there. I have a SD player that upconverts and I still see a difference in quality on my backups so I assume the same for backups of SD's too.
  3. vyee

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    If i'm just watching backup dvd copies on DVD-R disks from Clone DVD2, is there a need to purchase a new DVD player with HD conversion and to use HDMI cables? Or is all this just overkill?
  4. Charlie

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    I would wait unless you are one of those joe's that has to have the latest and greatest thing on the market. Still too expensive in my book currently.
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    upconverting dvd players?

    I Think that you are getting wrong info, first of all a samsung upconvertdvd player is only about 75 bucks, it also plys normaldvds. the difference is in the tv. it will upconvert to 720p which is better than 1080i. You will see a better picture on all of your backups, i do and it is nice to take advantage of this on the new tv. I believe it is woth it, my two cents.