HD DVD OR Blu-Ray what war!!!!

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    I know slysoft are backing HD DVD but not Blu-Ray at present but with the war over who will win the format war I do not think and have said this for along time now no one format will be the out right winner. Like DVD-R & DVD+R there is no one winner in this war both formats are here to stay and that can clearly be seen by how all the companies now make players and recorders that support both formats, This is now happening with HD DVD and Blu-Ray a new machine has been launched that plays both formats yes LG have just started to sell a player that plays both formats and Samsung and Pioneer are both intending to do the same very shortly. With this in mind people will always go with what they get more for there money I say there is no war no more and that both formats will survive.
    Will the masterminds at slysoft reconsider there options and maybe look at Blu-Ray and not just HD DVD!
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    I don't think Slysoft is "backing" HD, you just have to start somewhere and HD is probably a little easier to crack. Assuming there is no format winner, they will be able to use what they learned cracking HD to tackle Blu-ray. One thing at a time, resources are limited.
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    Well said. :agree:
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    Vacation's over now back to overly overtime at .10 an hour! Had to break the ice. All is appreciated for what you all do keep it up. TGIF for those that are on the same timeline as the states.
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    Sony's Blu Ray

    Blue Ray will lose the war. Sony did not make it with Beta VCR tapes and that format. Sony lost this to VHS tape format because they would not allow porn flicks to be placed on Beta format and sold. Blu Ray players cost up to 5 times as much as a HDDVD player. HDDVD has a better picture than Sony blu ray.

    Sony Blu Ray will Lose again!!!!
  6. TM2-Megatron

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    I wouldn't be so sure... even now, there are reports that Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD 2:1.

    Also, Blu-Ray players aren't nearly 5x the cost of HD-DVD players... this is a ridiculous exageration. Currently at Best Buy, an HD-DVD player runs about $500 USD while Blu-Ray players range from $800-$1200... so you're looking at a 2.4x price difference at the most, but as little as a 1.6x difference.

    I can't speak for how the picture quality of releases under both formats compare so far (although I have heard that many early Blu-Ray releases had inferior transfers to early HD-DVD), but both formats have equal potential for image quality... they both support the same 3 video formats (MPEG-2, VC-1 and h.264/AVC). In fact, Blu-Ray has the theoretical advantage in this category due to its superior storage capacity.

    There's also the fact that Blu-Ray is superior format, from a purely technological standpoint. It's certainly the better format for use on computers... and is already quite far ahead of HD-DVD in terms of market saturation of burners and blank media. A fairly large local computer store in my city is currently selling Lite-On's new 2x Blu-Ray burner for around $670 CDN (a far better deal than the standalone players), and nearly every electronics store carries Blu-Ray blank media. However, I have yet to see any blank HD-DVD media available anywhere in my area, and burners are non-existent.

    HD-DVD has the advantage of being more user-friendly in the home video industry... but that's a matter of manadatory and implemented standards. Those behind Blu-Ray could change those aspects of the disc fairly easily in the future, and wipe HD-DVD off the map for good.
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    They both use aacs encryption for protection and the honest truth is BR sucks butt.

    One reason for this is Space 200 GB of space on a blue ray disk.
    When the hell are you ever going to use that much space for anything but a server size backup...(just use a hard disk.)

    Second 6o to 70 dollars a piece for BD-Rs' (Blue disk recordable) and $30's a piece for HD-R's.

    Third the concept of having that damn much space on a disk that is that easy to scratch is just Stupid...

    Fourth and this isn't to be harsh to anybody. You can barely perceive 1/8 the colors given off by your digital TV. When you go High def with SDDS sound you can only hear 1/12 of all frequencies prevalent in SDDS. And the colour of HD TV passes into ultra violate and beyond...

    So all of that space on the Blu-Ray that gets used by the most long length full featured film is only about 40 GB or less perfect for HD-DVD ridiculous for Blu-Ray...

    However if Sony wanted to keep there Satanistic Blu-Ray disk's They could always Load Entire game series onto one disk. Like the entire Digitally masted (gone threw and completely remade with now a day tech)series of Final Fantasy...

    Then I would put money into something with blu-ray...
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  8. TM2-Megatron

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    I dunno about you, but I have a 500GB hard drive that's about 83% full, and another 500GB external firewire drive that's about half full. A 200GB disc sounds awfully nice to me.

    Where are you getting that information? Around here a single BD-R will cost you $19.99, and that's in Canadian. I have yet to see a single store carrying blank HD-DVD media... not to mention burners. There are a few Blu-Ray burners available from various stores around here... Lite-On's 2x rewriter for about $670... LG's 4x rewriter for $650... and one from Sony for $900. Obviously, the Sony one is a rip-off, but the fact remains you can get a Blu-Ray burner for not much more than dual-layer DVD burners cost a few years back... and BD-R media for about the same price DVD+R DL cost in the same period; I imagine it will go down rather quickly. I know that if I decide to go with Blu-Ray, my first purchase will be a computer drive, not a standalone player... it seems like a much better deal to pay $650 for a burner instead of $1200 for a TV player.

    That's a bit out-of-date. Blu-Ray discs have held up better to scratches than HD-DVDs (which are just as vulnerable as DVDs) ever since the Blu-Ray Alliance got a hold of that special coating from TDK or whoever... apparently you can take steel wool to them and they'll still play fine.

    I'd check into that, if I were you. It would seem a waste (and stupid; perhaps even harmful if UV comes into it) to build TVs that give off that that extraneous radiation into invisible wavelengths. Also, I'd say 99.999% of TVs (or rather, the speakers connected to them) don't generate very much sound either above or below the average human aural capacity of 20Hz to 20,000Hz

    I assume you've heard of special features? I won't even buy a DVD unless it has copious amounts of special features, and at least one commentary (preferably more)... this is also one of the reasons I'm waiting on the new formats. So far, the vast majority of releases have had very poor bonus features compared to their equivalent DVD versions.

    You know, when blind hatred of Sony is the primary reason behind someone's attack on Blu-Ray it just comes off as generally stupid. Sony is only one of many companies behind Blu-Ray, and it's silly to attack the entire format because you don't like Sony. I don't like Sony much either, and I'd surely never buy anything other than a TV from them (if that). Nearly all of their products are little more than mid-range equipment pretending to be high-end with an inflated price. However, I wouldn't let that blind me to Blu-Ray's advantages... which are many, in terms of technical specifications, over HD-DVD.
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    Yuck. In a PERFECT world, a 200gb disc would be amazing. We don't live in a perfect world. Just the thought of putting 200gb of my data on an optical format would keep me up at night. Not very realistic.
  10. James

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    Because you would have nightmares loosing the data? Right so! (Re)Writable optical media is quite unreliable. Yes, it is. If you want (safety)backups, use tapes or harddisks. This is much cheaper (cents per gigabyte) as well.
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    Regardless of any technical BS, blind hatred of Sony outa be enough to at least keep US from enabling blu-ray in any manner. The only thing I buy from Sony is DVD burners. And I do that only to turn thier own product against them. :D

  12. TM2-Megatron

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    Blind hatred is never a good reason for anything; period. Especially such petty hatred that it's focus is nothing more than a corporation. The fact is Blu-Ray is the better choice for computer use... and is already well ahead of HD-DVD in that arena. Another fact is that it wouldn't take many changes to the Blu-Ray standards that are supported and mandatory to make it the obvious choice for home video, as well. The more sensible companies in the Blu-Ray Alliance may eventually persuade the people who support these user-unfriendly features to back down.

    I believe many of Sony's DVD burners are actually rebranded Lite-On drives, so I'm not really sure what you're accomplishing.