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  1. s2h0a0n6e

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    OK i just got an xbox hd dvd player for my 360.....is there anyway i could maybe buy an external harddrive and rip the HD DVDs to the hard drive and then plug the harddrive into the Xbox 360 through USB and play them on my tv?
  2. dthigpen

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    No, not at this time, you'd have to transcode them to a format the Xbox360 will understand, and third parties are still working dillegently on a EVO demuxxer and eac3 converter.
  3. s2h0a0n6e

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    sweet so maybe sooner or later youll be able to
  4. Marimbondo

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    yes but only wmvhd with an external hard drive formatted to hfs+ using MACDRIVE 7 (or higher). cant play evo files yet. thats what im trying to get my ext hard drive to do.

    wmvhd files and the like at binsearch.info - fish around using keywords and frequent tagnames in the files you find
  5. Adbear

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    They probably worked it out a long time ago as the last post before yours was 16th March