Harry Potter and Spiderman 3 Not playing back

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  1. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Hi there, new to the forums but certainly not to ripping.

    I have successfull ripped many older BR films using HDDVD Decrypter 4012 and played them back successfully on Powerdvd Ultra 7.3.

    However Both Spiderman 3 and Happy Potter 5 are causing me problems. I tried with my existing method and with HP, the disk will not even recognise, and if I remember correctly Spiderman 3 played back with a green screen!

    So I read that Anydvd would get around new protection, so have recently bought it (yesterday). I have tried to rip HP to the HDD, seemed to work fine. Went to play it back on PowerDVD and it just shows a blank screen.

    So, what gives? It's a HTPC, very decently spec'd, it won't be hardware. The drive is a BDC 202, which I hear is prone to having it's Key rejected. Is the film ripping okay but it's issues with PowerDVD? Or is it the BDC 202 thinking it's ripping correctly but it's not.

    Easy fix, or is it simply AnyDVD not being able to rip correctly, if so...I was better off with HDDVD decrypter for free, no?

    At this moment in time I am trying to make a .iso image with imgburn. I am not confident it'll work to be honest and I didn't want to have to make a 44gb image of all future new BR movies!

    thanks in advance of anything I could try.
  2. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Im sooooo sorry....some complete NOOB forgot he was using dual output on his HTPC. :doh:

    It was playing back blank on my monitor (which I am posting now) but fine on my HD projector.

    I'M SO HAPPY! :D

    Feel free to delete this thread...or keep it to show how you should check everything before posting!
  3. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    actually I am going to have to revive this thread.

    HP 5 works fine with anydvd.

    However I have just tried Spiderman3 again and I get the same thing.

    i rip it, it seems fine but when you get to the menu screen, it's just showing green!

    Any ideas?
  4. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Bump, plus I now get a green screen when playing back Ghost Rider..

    Help! What am I doing wrong?
  5. bachuka

    bachuka Well-Known Member

    You should be using version 3319a for PDVD to play them. What version are you using?
  6. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Ahh..I'm using PowerDVD 7.3, but don't know how to tell what version it is. 'About' just says PowerDVD version 7.2(Ultra)

    is 3319a a brand new version or an older version? If so where can I buy it/download it?

    I hope this solves the problem!

    Thanks in advance, Kam.
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  7. Turtleggjp

    Turtleggjp Well-Known Member

    3319a is one of the patches released that updates 7.3. I'm guessing you can just download it and it will update the version you have now. We can't tell you exactly where to find it, but you should be able to with a little searching.
  8. sarah99

    sarah99 Well-Known Member

    If you update powerDVD with an update from Cyberlink it won't play ANYTHING off hard disk

    to get your version number, open powerDVD, right click, select about, left click in the licence window
    between 3104 and 3319a work, everything else doesn't.
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  9. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    I think I have 2605! Does that sound right?

    If so, I trust I've found my green playback problem. I just need to make sure I update to the right version.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of the patch please?

    Cheers and thanks, Kam.
  10. Turtleggjp

    Turtleggjp Well-Known Member

    Start with Google. :D
  11. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Well, I've checked my version of Powerdvd on my HTPC and lo and behold it is 7.3.3319.0, so this shouldn't have any BR problems right?

    What else could it be? I'm begginning to suspect a HDCP problem. I use a 8600GT card but convert from DVI to HDMI then into my projector. Could this be the problem?
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  12. Turtleggjp

    Turtleggjp Well-Known Member

    If you have ripped your movie to your HDD with AnyDVD, HDCP should no longer be required (PowerDVD will not insist on this). The next thing I would suspect is your video card. What video card do you have? How about your CPU? Can you try disabling hardware acceleration? I gave up long ago trying to use hardware acceleration, as it caused too many problems. PowerDVD can now handle any disc so far with my Athlon64 X2 4400+ (2.3 GHz) and a measly Radeon X1300 (no acceleration, but PowerDVD likes it).
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  13. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Hi there, it's a recently built HTPC

    Dual Core, 2 gig memory and a 8600GT gfx card. Should be more than enough? Old BR movies work fine, just these two problem films so far.

    I do think they've ripped okay, just playback the issue now.

    I'll muck about with the hardware settings, but the menu's still play...it's just when you go to play the film.

  14. sarah99

    sarah99 Well-Known Member

    I was running a 7600GS card and converting from DVI to HDMI into my projector without any problems. I don't play anything off disk though, all from hard drive so no HDCP anywhere.
  15. Turtleggjp

    Turtleggjp Well-Known Member

    Heroes Season 1 on HD DVD gave me all sorts of greif with all the discs except the first one. The discs would take a while to load, I'd get the Universal logo, then the menu. If I tried to play an episode, it would display the FBI logo (gee, they got that to work didn't they? :doh:) followed by a black screen and then maybe a few (often corrupted) frames followed by PowerDVD crashing. If I managed to get one episode started, it would play ok for a while, but then would usually eventually start to get corrupted frames and then finally either freeze or just crash again. My other discs, The Departed (HD DVD combo disc) and Terminator 3 worked pretty well too (IME on T3 didn't work, PowerDVD complained about not being able to do anaolg output, I needed to use digital output with HDCP for this). As soon as I moved to my current setup, everything works perfectly. Heroes discs play perfectly (haven't tried web enabled stuff yet, but U-Control works), T3's IME works great, Transformers plays great too, and its bonus features seem to work as well.

    I'm assuming that your dual core is faster than mine, so you might give it a try without hardware acceleration. I'm not sure if PowerDVD will still use it for HD discs even if you turn it off, so you may have to switch to a lesser video card if you have one.

    DVI and HDMI are both basically the same, just with different plugs. DVI was not originally inteneded to carry audio like HDMI does, but I believe this is how some of the Radeon 2x00 series cards do it. Converting from DVI to HDMI should not affect HDCP at all, provided of course that your DVI source (video card) properly supports HDCP.
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  16. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Right, I continue to be stuck on this issue. I have upgraded my PowerDVD to latest version now I know the 2 movies are not playing because of BD+.

    I cannot believe it's a PC performance hardware issue, Decent dual core, 1 gig mem and a 8600GT gfx card. Vista 64 with up to date GFX drivers.

    I cannot play Spiderman3 or Ghost rider from original disc or ripped to HDD via Anydvd.

    One thing I have noticed is that my old method of using DVDFabHD doesn't work as the drive no longer recognises the BR disc in it. I believe this is an issue with it being recognised as one being used to decrypt? Do I have to redo the firmware? There isn't a new firmware for the Pioneer BR drive I have.

    I have also tried making an iso and playing it back..it works like before, menu is fine but the movie just plays a green screen with sound. I cannot turn hardware acceleration off like someone suggested.

    So, I am awaiting a response from Cyberlink, but do you guys reckon it's the drive or somehow a HDCP issue? If it was a straight ripping issue I could narrow it down, but not even playing from the original is really worrying and I have 2 films I want to watch!

    Any suggestions welcome!

    Happy Christmas BTW! :)
  17. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Can't answer most of the questions, but I can say that I gave up on DVDfabHD a long time ago when it stopped recognising my Blu-ray drive under XP and Vista. After a certain version it was useless and no matter what I did it would never recognise I had a Blu-ray drive connected.
    What you don't say is what the actual playback problems are? Or what build of Powerdvd 7.3 you're using. If it really is the latest then you can't playback from the harddrive anyway.
    I used to get the green playback and it was a graphics issue. If you want to try turning off hardware accel then think you need to be on build 3104 as I think it was the last one that actually left it switched off when you play a film. (later versions let you switch it off, but turn it back on when playing HD movies)
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  18. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it is a pity as Fab was nice and easy to use. Anydvd was recently purchased in the hope that it would solve the Green Screen Issue and worked for Harry Potter 5 when Fab wouldn't.

    I am using the latest patch of Powerdvd and it does playback from the HDD all apart from....wait for it...Ghost Rider and Spiderman 3 which doesn't allow me to play from the HDD. I can create an Iso and play it back from HDD but i STILL get a green screen when playing the movie.

    I really don't think rolling back to 3104 will solve it but I will issue another email to Cyberlink asking for this installer.

    It must be some sort of playback issue, I think it is ripping fine to the HDD but somehow PowerDVD isn't playing ball. I can't but help remember when I had a HDCP problem before it was a Green Screen but it was ages ago.

    If anyone else has anything I can try please!?
  19. Nova935

    Nova935 Well-Known Member

    Your current setup is more than enough for Blu ray playback. I`m running XP,a P4 3.4, 8600 GT XXX, w/ purevideo acelleration enabled and am able to playback my ripped backups of Spiderman 3, Harry Potter 5, and Ghostrider using PowerDVD 3104a. with no problems. My CPU is at 20-30% when playing these movies from my hard drive. Spiderman 3 will will not play if I skip directly to the movie, it will only play if I dont skip thru the FBI warnings, etc. Try using the earlier nividia 163.71 drivers. These are the "only" drivers which seem to work for me since I updated to the 8600GT. Just be sure to save your current nvidia profile to a folder using nView desktop manager before unistalling your current nvidia drivers. After installing the 163.71 drivers simply import your saved profile using nView desktop manager. This eliminates the need to configure your video settings all over agan. Seems that most of the current Nvidia drivers dont like my 8600GT, but are probably designed for the higher end 8800 series cards. Let us know if this helps you.
  20. kamtheman

    kamtheman Well-Known Member

    okay, well. I rolled back 2605 which i found on my old PC and knock me sideways as long as I have Anydvd running in the background both those movies playback fine from HDD and original discs!

    Really bizarre and I am assuming it's a no no to upgrade my powerDVD to any newer patch, although it looks like 3104 is okay also???

    Thanks for the advice thus far although it was trial and error in the end.

    On a side note, I am toying with going for a xbox HDD drive to plug into my HTPC, browsing through the forums it seems ripping HDDVD is easier than Blue Ray?