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Hardware accessories


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Jan 28, 2007
Hello just an odd little question, with perhaps some major ramifications. Having found the general intelligence level on this forum informative and cogent(when it remains on topic) has any one of the members ever tried using one of the DVD or CD stabilizer mats much thought of in High End Audio catalogs, having made one myself and used it in the early days of CD playback with my particular Toshiba it made a difference, it either reduced jitter or reduced error count, but I am loath to stick anything in my computer with out first enquiring if some one else has. If no one has I am willing to experiment but would like to know what color would be absorbtive of the laser frequency used to burn DVD media, and the same for CD media.
Hi :)
I had a Meridian Pro Cd player (top loader) that came with such. It had an slightly sticky quality to it. Seemed OK. I got several spares (just in case). Worked with some DVDRW's, but not with others. Must be dependant on clamping method/efficiency.When it works OK, difficult to say what/if any improvement. When it doesn't = scratched DVD's:(
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