Green pixellated mess when playing back HD DVDs

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  1. myxenos

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    Hi there... I have searched the forums and can't find anyone else with this issue...

    I am using an Xbox 360 HD DVD drive on a Core2Duo E6600, 2gb Ram, Geforce 7600gt 256mb card in Windows Vista 32bit on a 24" Dell 2407 monitor connected via VGA (my card doesn't supposed dhcp), I have the same issue with DVI although I just get a black screen without Any DVD running...

    I ran the PowerDVD test software, and I get a green light on all of the tests when running it via VGA.

    When Any DVD isn't running it's a green and purple pixellated mess with small pixes, when any DVD is running it's a green pixellated mess with larger pixels. The film does play, and I can navigate the menu and get to the main feature. At one point it played back the HD DVD logo perfectly, then wouldn't load the menu. Tried again and it was back to normal.

    I have the latest nvidia display drivers, and the HD DVD drive was installed with new drivers from Windows Update...

    It's exactly the same issue whether I used Power DVD Ultra or Nero Showtime...

    Playback with normal DVDs is fine, any suggestions on what the problem is would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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  2. Adbear

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    Have you tried turning off hardware accelleration in powerdvd?
  3. myxenos

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    Yeah, I tried with it on and off, no difference...

    It seems a bit odd I have the same problem with both pieces of software... makes me think something is wrong somewhere else...
  4. roog

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    Other people on this forum have had a lot of issues with the 7600GT card. I have a Go 7600 in a laptop and it works fine. Suggest you try a different video card to see if the problem goes away.
  5. bachuka

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    I use to have green pixelation but I switched to the 8xxx series and have no problem. Try the 8500 or 8600 series...the picture is far better.
  6. Similar Problem

    I have a similar pixelated mess running PowerDVD with my BD movies - not just green, but a mix of colors. The menu objects display just fine, and make out the shapes in the messy video background of the menu. Running a 7600 GS. Selecting a m2ts video file from the hard disk or BDMV will play in high-def. I'm using the latest 7.3.3104 PowerDVD BD version and a Sony BWU-100A with the latest firmware (1.0e).