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    Hi, I want to profile several games that use several discs.

    Now, when I mean several discs I am talking about games like the C&C games or games with expansions, that tell you to switch discs in game.

    For instance, in Total Annihilation Kingdoms, when you start the game you can have the original disc in to play the original game, but if you want to do the expansion you have to switch discs. Now, I suppose I can have two icons and profile both under different names but I would rather keep it nice and clean.

    I though of making an image of both on one disc and then mounting it, then making a profile off of the image, but that did not work as a couple of files that were needed had similar names.

    So is there a way to have GameJackal read on disc and then read another. Can I have two profiled discs on one actual profile?
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    No. You must create a profile of the play disc. If your expansion has a new play disc, you must create a new profile.
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    So I can't have a profile on one disc drive and another loaded up on a second? I mean, I can have both discs in the computer at once, so can I maybe have it profile both drives? I understand that it is not a standard function. Is there any way to do this? Is there some code that I could tinker with?

    Or can I maybe update the profile with the information of the second by making an image of the second disc then renaming the volume to match that of the first? So what would happen would is that GameJackal would recognize the second disc as the first and when I try to access the other part of the game it would read it off the disc and profile it?
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    Install the game entirely on your hard drive. Then profile the disc you need in order to play the game.
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