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Game Launcher


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Jun 4, 2007
This is not a problem for once, but a suggestion,

I had a brain wave last night, how many of you have a really cluttered desktop with all the games you play? Or spend ages looking through the start menu trying to find that one game that you want but cant remeber who the hell made it?

What if Game Jackal could also kind of Profile a shortcut but only have it as a shortcut

i.e. games that dont need protection to be by played and that just run from being installed, Kinda like the Vista (*cough* crap) Game Broswer.

Puts all of your games in one place :clap: :bowdown: :clap:, personally I would love it.

Open to suggestion / being slagged off :D
There was a plugin that allowed a profile to be created without using a CD (for the very reason you are asking). I will try and hunt it down and post it here.
Hey matthew any luck on finding that Plugin, or does any one know where it can be found.

Cheers All

I have the original GJ no-cd plugin in my archive :) but cannot attach it since it is bigger than the size allowed for a zip file. :(

I have a new SlySoft version of the plug-in... I'm just sorting out were it will be hosted.

i love the slysoft team, you lot are very helpful!

Cheers Matthew
Heya any news on a web address yet?

i saw in another post that you wre trying to get a web page for them, any luck?
Hey Slysoft Team,

Just wondering when this will be happeneing?
23 days since it was announced that it would be done.
15 days since any update by Matthew.

Any News?
It cant be that hard to get a web page put on can it really?!?

iv been quite happy with game jackal up till now, but the lack of communication is really quite bad.


Can't you e-mail it to the members that are interested in receiving it? All members had to put in their e-mails to register for the forum. Although it's too large to post here, it must be small enough to send by e-mail. Just an impatient suggestion ;) :agree:
Once again... sorry :doh:

Those keen, PM me with your email address and I will forward on.