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    I remember I once purchased Game Jackal, when this still was SlySoft. But I don't know what was the version or what is the key. Can anyone help me?
    I can't even find any SlySoft message in my e-mail...
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    "This (aka redfox)" never was slysoft. Slysoft got shut down, not renamed into redfox. That said, pretty sure you can find the last version online somewhere. Keys like always were files and were named like "GameJackal_Key_<license number>.GameJackal"
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    GameJackal Pro was the final official version with a release date of roughly 2013-10-29. FileHippo has it for download and the hashes match the official download. No official download link left that I am aware of. Check here:


    CRC32: 965f3501
    MD5: f8db671ab2812d08fa39322dc59c3603
    SHA-1: 3d896a63feaec0864bf603de5c77a7a520463dae
    SHA-256: 6bd82e211b0a49978d65d4c93f1d54270e9db4332d24911457142ae2efd02733

    Edit: With respect to the license key... Nothing much you can do if you can't locate the original key file you received when you purchased the software. Not sure if the license recovery would even work for GameJackal with it being EOL for so long and not everything transferring over from the Slysoft days.
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