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"FUNNY GIRL" to mp4 - many tries ... no success

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by marleneo, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. marleneo

    marleneo New Member


    first please excuse my bad english ...


    I wanted to clone the FUNNY GIRL Bluray to mp4 file.

    movie length about 155 min. with intermission after about 95 min.

    choosen option ... movie only, german sound ... to: mp4 container, file, and I tried both sound options: AAC and AC3

    first try with ac3: clonebd says "finished" ... but the mp4 is not complete, movie only to intermission, sound has artefacts in the background

    View attachment ac3.zip

    2. try with ac3: clonebd says "finished" ... but only 33 minutes are in file, sound still bad

    3. try with ac3: clonebd stops at 5% nothing further happens

    4. try with aac: clonebd stops at 10% ...

    5. try with aac: clonebd says "finished" ... as nr.1 only converted till intermission, sound is good and seems sync .. (though i would prefer ac3)

    View attachment aaa.zip

    6. try with aac: clonedbd stops at about 26%

    ... no more tries to save my nerves ...


    Also tried with some other movies ... some work, some not, some in parts , like above example ...