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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by ChuckH, May 3, 2021 at 7:48 PM.

  1. ChuckH

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    Is there a trick to making subtitles, especially forced subtitles appear?

    When I download the videos, I have had a few that should have forced subtitles appear. No matter what device I play the videos on, I can't get subtitles to appear. Under settings, I have "embedded" selected for the subtitles, and when given an option, I always select both "English" and "English forced" under the video's subtitle options.

    I have not done any post DL conversion.
  2. cartman0208

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    Anystream does not make any of the subtitles "default" so you have to enable it in your player ... VLC Player can do that.
    But you have to do it manually on every video
  3. ChuckH

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    I have selected to play subtitles on each of the various machines I have tried to play the videos on. I mostly play them on a Roku. No subtitles will play. Also, forced subtitles shouldn't require turning on subtitles.
  4. DeepSpace

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    They are called forced by the provider and so does the file (the srt if you don't embed them), but this does not mean AS will set a subtitle file as default.
    Maybe this could result in a feature request to make it possible to set a subtitle track as default when you are at the downloadables dialog.

    Did you just turn them on or did you select the subtitle track too? I don't know about Roku, but in VLC you can see if there is more then one subtitle track and select another.
    But if you see absolutely nothing you should provide a log file.
  5. cartman0208

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    A video can have multiple forced subtitles ... if none of those is made "default" it won't be played without enabling
    This picture is taken from VLC vlc.png

    I had to enable it manually
  6. ChuckH

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    I can get the subtitles to play in VLC. I can't get them to play in any other system, like the Roku Media Player.
  7. Davidday01

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    Personally, I always remux (post convert) my videos using MKVToolNix.. Adding the downloaded file, and setting the "Forced" flag on each subtitle that is forced works for me. (I usually set a default subtitle as well, but not necessary if your media player supports default language selection).
  8. Lowpro

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    I author all the streams I download to Blu-ray, so it’s just a matter of setting the forced subtitle track to be enabled by default. I always have AnyStream download the subtitles separately. I then work over the SRT files in Subtitle Edit correcting any problems I find, then exporting the given SRT file to a SUP file for Blu-ray. When exporting I also get to determine the font type, size and other attributes including the positioning of the subtitles. And the icing on the cake, the resulting Blu-ray gives you the same result every time. Doesn’t matter what software or hardware based Blu-ray player I use.
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