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Flushing Buffers, Writing Borders


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Feb 4, 2007
I recently puchased CloneDVD2. Works great on my PCs as long as I use DVD+R media. Running on my HP Pavilion with an HP 640b DVD-RW with DVD-R media will result in getting to 100% burn, but then the PC is hung (status = "flushing buffers, writing borders") and has to be hard reset to resume.

Interestingly, the DVDs written seem to work/play with no problems. I just never see the Eject pop-up and have to power down the PC to get it running again.

Again, it works fine with DVD+R media (Verbatim).

I also have another HP Pavilion with HP640c and HP940 writers. Both of these will work with either DVD+R or DVD-R media.

This leads me to believe that something in the 640b is not returning status to CloneDVD2 to initiate the Eject pop-up.

Has anyone else seen this problem or have any information about this?

100% but frozen

I get the same thing...not sure what i'm using for a dvd writer but it is an hp and only with dvd-r....if you find a solution....let me know:confused:
In the past, this problem has been isolated to a conflict with the sound card. Try this: Go to CloneDVD preferrences and turn off the "music" .wav file that plays when the burn process is done. See if that stops the freeze-up.

Tried clearing the sound files and writing on DVD-R media. Same result. Once again, wrote fine to DVD+R media. Will contact HP to see if they have a line on it. Thanks for the tip!