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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by HoRRoRMaN666, Feb 23, 2021.

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    Worked on laptop great last night but when i came to use AS on PC i got file creation failed error on anything i try. Log from download attempt and screenshot attatched

    UPDATE: After a process of elimination i got it working by changing the output folder to the original folder on install. Seems it didnt like the path to my custom output. Any reason why i cant change the output folder? I changed it on the laptop with no problems. Its really no big deal i just like to work on my desktop with all needed folders in front of me

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    Can you check if it works without the season name in the filename? Maybe that ' is causing a problem.

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  3. HoRRoRMaN666

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    I must have just made the update as you posted that. As you can see by the edit i managed to get it working by changing output path to default
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    You can change it, but maybe the problem is that you're trying to write to a folder on the desktop. Try making ok the hard drive itself

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