Fallout week: Fallout 2 editorial

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    Some personal rant --- MMOs and other multiplayer games stand and fall with their cheat protection. Most game designers never waste a second thinking of cheat preventions.

    Take Diablo II: For years each and every player joining Battle.net seems to have been born with level 99 skills.

    Or games like Counter-Strike: You play this game for 5 years in a row, at least 5 hours a day. And there comes "(1)player", effectively dominating you 15:0 in a row, claiming "I have started playing this last week". Sure he did, and he always knows what's around the next corner. He has problems walking around chests and corners, but he aims like a god. Sure.

    Or Battlefield: You remember the "anti fog" hack? Or the infamous "I shoot you in the head with my pistol from a distance of 5 miles through a mountain top" hack? Or the "My tank reloads in a nanosecond" hack?

    It's just a waste of time to play these games when the producers obvioulsy give a sh*t about protecting their customers from "I have no skill but can't loose so I cheat" kids.
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    Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout 3 are single player RPGs. The games you mentioned are player-server host based, mostly.

    MMORPGs don't have autoaim hacks. What they do have are cheater macro scripts usually. Anyway, I have no interest in Project V13. I was mostly interested in Chris Avellone's comments.
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