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    It may be a couple more weeks before I decide. I'm definately considering the two LGs available from Best Buy and NewEgg.com. Thanks for the info about the new Lite-Ons. That's too bad, because it would have made my decision a lot easier. They were/are much less expensive and I guess they used to be quality burners. I'm sure they are not that bad now, but I hope to get a burner that everyone on this forum can agree on. Thanks. So, a couple more weeks or so I can get more info and hopefully I can decide.
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    Samsung SH-S184M Dual Layer Burner.......

    What a FABULOUS drive this is!!!!
    Plugged it into my USB 2 port....self installed.....burned my first DVD w/it 2 minutes later!
    Copied Casino Royal ........total R/W time was 27 minutes....unbelievable drive (and software of course).
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    I like the Benq's all the scans I've seen have been pretty good
    they are getting harder to find though ebay has externals dw1655's at this time for 62.99 plus shipping or ezgoodz.com for 99.99 free shipping it just depends on how bad you want a benq