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    I get the following error everytime I try to do a non-interlace, 2 pass capture using the Apple TV preset. I'm trying to get generally wide-screen watchable video encoded specifically in H.264 (since it's much more efficient than just regular MPEG standards).

    I haven't tried the suggestions given by the code, as I'm just running the trial version at the moment in an attempt to get see if it works satisfactorily. Have had no success with Handbrake. *shrugs* :bowdown:


    Creation of DVD not successful.

    File 2 "C:\Program Files\SlySoft\CloneDVDmobile\apps\mencoder.exe" - -af volume=10 -aspect 16:9 -of lavf -lavfopts format=mp4 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts aglobal=1:vglobal=1:vcodec=libx264:coder=1:acodec=libfaac:vbitrate=2065:abitrate=160:vpass=2 -vf scale=720:408,harddup -info name="Meet The Robinsons" -ofps 24000/1001 -o "C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\cars.mp4" -passlogfile "C:/Users/Michael/Desktop/mencmpass6508.log" 109 TCE

    Encoder output:

    Try appending the scale filter to your filter list,
    e.g. -vf spp,scale instead of -vf spp.
    2pass failed: reading from filename=C:/Users/Michael/Desktop/mencmpass6508.log
    FATAL: Cannot initialize video driver.

    EDIT: I just realized after clearing the error, this is NOT doing de-interlace. Only 2 pass. Works okay on 1 pass, but still get some light artifacting in dark areas. Thx!