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    Vista 64 Spk1, Dx975XBX MoBo, 4gb DDR2, ATI-HD2600XT 512, Lite-On 401S, PowerDVD 7.3, AnyDVD HD, MyMovie. All registered.

    Error sys that another device has control of the BD and cannot continue.

    I have tried changing the autorun options in control panel so that the BD drive does not load on insert, booting with the BD in the drive so autoload doesn't go off and turning off anyDVD until BD is recoignized. Same message.

    I searched through here but was unable to find anything. Any links to posts concerning this error or help is appreciated.

    edit: I can on the other hand, rip normal DVD's without issue. Just not Blu-Rays.
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    Wow, real helpful forum. 70 views and no help...
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