Encrypted ISO for yet unsupported UHD discs

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  1. coopervid

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    just out of curiosity since I never had that case yet:

    Can I rip to an encrypted ISO of an unsupported UHD disc and decrypt it later loading with VCD when the disc is supported by AnyDVD? This seemed to work with BD discs but is it also the case with UHD discs?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification!
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Pretty sure you can. Ripping to an encrypted ISO bypasses the decryption engine and is no different as if you would use a third party tool to make the ISO. The standard policy would still apply, that you'd need to wait until that disc data is then in the OPD. @Pete can most likely confirm or correct me

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  3. coopervid

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    Thanks Ch3vr0n,

    but why Pete? I think this is more or less a question for James since he should know if AnyDVD can decrypt an encrypted UHD ISO file. It could be that the combination of a physical drive and a disc in it is required to work for UHDs. But that's just guessing.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Either would be fine I assume. It's just that Pete handles the OPD data input, but @James might do too.

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  5. SamuriHL

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    James has stated in the past that it SHOULD work. I've yet to try it myself but in theory if you mount the image with Virtual CloneDrive, once its key is in the OPD it should decrypt it.
  6. testiles

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    SamuriHL, I do this ALL the time and, yeah, it does work.

    If AnyDVD can't decrypt the UHD yet, I just make a protected .iso.

    Of course, it's useless, but as soon as the OPD is updated and AnyDVD can decrypt the title, the .iso "auto-magically" works.

    At that point, I usually create an unprotected .iso backup as well and put it on a separate Hard Drive, for added security.

    May be overkill, but I like to have a copy independent of the OPD and I like to ensure against losing important title backups to Hard Drive failure.

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  7. coopervid

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    thanks for the confirmation that this works! :thankyou:
  8. theosch

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    Just for info.
    Afaik, if it's an UHD-disc, all AnyDVD status logs I've seen on them, UHD-discs use bus-encryption ( all? ).
    Making an encrypted ISO of any bus-encrypted disc has to be done with a program, that can circumvent bus-encryption, like AnyDVD.
    "ImgBurn" e.g. cannot.
    "ddrescue" cannot

    Especially as UHD with more disc-layers is more sensitive to errors.

    So that's sad it will not help using "ddrescue" in Linux ( encrypted image) to recover a badly manufactured UHD-disc or with scratches.
    and I found "ddrescue" very comfortable apart from that: Mapping-file option, quite automatic, halt ddrescue-operation at any time, removing disc from drive e.g. into another Optical drive, resuming further without starting from the beginning, which could rescue other critical areas, that other ODD can't or which would take longer.

    Very sad.:(
    Can AnyDVD recover like that?
    I'm willing to pay a few extra AnyDVD licenses for few people if RedFox could support that.

    But other topic.
    Anyway perfect program.
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    You're welcome coopervid!!!

    and... Happy New Year!

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