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    CloneDVD is made by Elby and AnyDVD by Slysoft...

    Do these two companies share resources or are they perhaps under the same parent company? Why are they both selling the software and offering support?

    If Slysoft is not affiliated with Elby, why do they state that AnyDVD is best used with CloneDVD? Wouldn't it be in Sly's best interest to develop their own CloneDVD equivalent?

    I know AnyDVD can rip, but I've never actually used it... is it better?
  2. Frank

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    B2B and other partnerships

    Thanks for your question. Let's just say that Elby and SlySoft have a very tightly coupled B2B relationship with overlapping objectives and some resources. ;)
    Intellectual owner of CloneDVD2 is Elaborate Bytes and both of us market the product. Of course, it is in both or our best interests to recommend AnyDVD as the ideal pre-processor. Why disturb a winning team? :p

    Any AnyDVD is much, much more than a "ripper". Take a trial. Have fun and look for a sale coming up soon.

    Thanks for your interest. :)
  3. Webslinger

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    When Elby was sourced in Germany, Olli developed Clonedvd, dvdregionkiller (which later turned into Anydvd), and Clonecd. Due to legal hassles, Olli sold everything to someone in Switzerland, and the company became Elby Switzerland. And then (possibly due to more legal reasons), Slysoft took over Anydvd and Clonecd.

    A more interesting explanation can be found here: click click http://club.cdfreaks.com/695299-post11.html (Olli is the original author of these programs)

    It always was traditionally. And I'm pretty sure Slysoft does have access to Clonedvd code, so Slysoft can ensure compatibility with Clonedvd.

    Clonedvd is faster at ripping than Anydvd, and with Clonedvd you can remove unwanted material before ripping. So I believe the answer to your question is no.
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  4. HeartsOfWar

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    Thanks for the responses!

    I bought licenses to CloneDVD, AnyDVD, and AnyDVD HD a good while back, but I was just interested in why Slysoft promoted CloneDVD when it wasn't "their" product.

    I prefer to use CloneDVD as Webslinger mentioned it can remove things, but as I confessed earlier, I've never tried AnyDVD's ripper. If it can't remove unwanted features, I imagine I'll stick with CloneDVD.

    Also, developments and updates on CloneDVD just isn't as active as AnyDVD which kind of has me worried...

    Is there any information on maybe a CloneHD?
  5. Webslinger

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    Clonedvd rips faster, and Anydvd ripper shares some of the same code as Clonedvd. Anydvd ripper produces the exact same output as an uncompressed full disc rip (including menus) from Clonedvd does. So if you own Clonedvd, there's no point in using Anydvd ripper at all.

    None that I've heard of