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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Garfonso, Mar 16, 2008.

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    I have had this issues for some time now. It's impossible for me to edit a profile, even if it's just the name. I can edit it and save the settings, but after that the profile won't work anymore. Gamejackal will request the cd, which is unecessary, if I just change the name. But ok, I insert the CD and press "yes, cd inserted". But Gamejackal will complain that it's not the correct CD and asks me if I want to do a new profile. No matter what I answer to this question, it will again aks me for the original CD, won't accept it and come back to this second question... it's an endless loop.

    The onle way to solve this is to delete the profile and start over again with a new profile.

    Profiling works ok, and playing a game with a profile, too. But gamejackal has some strange behaviour... another thing: automatic updates won't work. Gamejackal always claims that it's up to date, no matter if there is a new version or not.

    This is on Vista 64Bit, but was similar on XP 32Bit, too. This issue happens with the latest version of gamejackal, but I think it was the same with some earlier versions, too.

    Anyone expiriencing similar issues? Any Idea to solve this?
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    That is a bit of a strange one. Can you please create a new profile, then edit it by changing it's name and then post the file "maplom.lib". This is located in "C:\Program Files\SlySoft \Game Jackal\Profile Library".
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    My Gamejackal is installed in "D:\Spiele\Game Jackal", I hope that doesn't cause issues?

    I uploaded the maplom.lib files. There where more than one, one with "temp" added and other with numbers, could that be part of the issue?

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