DVDs Rip "Successfully" but Folders Still Contain Structural Protection

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Captain Nemo, Apr 23, 2020.

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    As the title states, I am able to successfully rip to harddisk all of a 4-disc set of dvds (BFI's Sherlock Holmes box set which is PAL). However, even though it seems like they have all ripped correctly (per AnyDVD), and even offer correct playback in every player I've tried with menus and features working correctly, the size of the folders on harddisk after the rip is still bloated as though the protections are still in place. They are all DVD9s, but once ripped for example the folder contents of the rips show over 9gb for disc 1, 12gb for disc 2, 14gb for disc 3 etc. which seems to indicate an issue. Attached logs for all 4 discs, as well as a screenshot of one of the video_ts folders where there seem to be duplicate vob entries. TIA.

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  2. James

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    There isn't much I can do at this moment. The workaround is to use AnyDVD "rip to iso".
    If you want to convert the episodes you can use CloneDVD mobile or CloneDVD and copy the desired episodes without keeping menus.
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    James that is defeated by a DVD protection? That's a first .

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    Well , shucks. I was hoping it would work since the set has been out a few years. I might compare file for file and see how it works if I delete some of the apparent duped vobs. I already tried doing the iso trick, thinking I was clever by doing that then trying to extract it, only to realize doing the iso rip doesn't remove the protection in the same way and having the extraction go crazy (dozens of gb and still going). At least that should work for purposes of backing up though. Thanks.